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Hello all, my name is Charles Lyell.

What a wonderful community! I find that I need a place like this in these times of great change. You see, I am one of those scientists that our esteemed community moderator deplores. But I too am a Victorian, though that does not seem to mean to you, Mr. Gradgrind, what it does to me. I believe that being a Victorian means questioning the status quo and incorporating new ideas. It means discovering and challenging, but never loosing hope in ourselves and our worth.

I search for truth, and I believe that science gives me that truth. However, this has led to a discovery that challenges the faith of Victorians everywhere. I believe that the earth was not formed as it is said to in the Bible. I believe that is was formed quite before that, and that the earth is older than any of us quite realize. It has been changing and developing in such a way that quite disputes that idea that the earth was created by God and has been left the same since. Natural phenomenon are just that. They are not influenced by the supernatural.

The world is very old, and we are a mere blip in the history of this great planet. This is a hard concept to accept. But just because in the scheme of things we are mere grains of sand in a vast desert does not mean that we do not matter. The human mind is an amazing thing. We need to use it, to discover and learn, and embrace life.
I am a scientist. I am an innovator. This is what being a Victorian means to me.


May. 1st, 2009 08:02 pm (UTC)
What an interesting way to look at things. I am a teacher and student myself, and I can appreciate the value of discovery. You are completely correct when you point out that we should search for truth.


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